Sunday, March 17, 2013

You are welcome to the world of Magento tutorial

Magento Tutorial
Magento Tutorial
I am starting today’s post with best wishes. Here, I am starting a Magento CMS tutorial. It will be a 13 parts tutorial. From this, all of you will have a good idea about Magento. I think it is the first Magento full tutorial in Bangladesh. You can find it in both English and Bengali language. I will discuss here the things about Magento are described below:

1)      Introduction of Magento
2)      “Frontend” introduction of Magento
3)      “Backend” introduction of Magento
4)      Beginning of Magento
5)      How to make a catalog
6)      Ready to sell
7)      Design and content
8)      Promotions
9)      Controlling of orders and clients
10)  Controlling of contents given by clients
11)  Web-store development and review
12)  Keep store healthy
13)  For help
Magento CMS
Magento CMS
This is the list of Magento tutorial. Hope, I can finish it with all of you.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

50 High PR Dofollow Web Design/Development Related Blog List 2013

Hi, Recently I collected a high pr dofollow blog list to comment only on web design/development niche. All of them are pr5. These sites are very good to get backlinks and most of them approve anchor text backlinks. Collect the list from here and start to build fire backlinks.
Dofollow Blogs
Dofollow Blogs

Website Name

The Sites

Hope, my list helped you a lot. If you have any queries please leave comments. In future, I will try my best give you other niche related high pr dofollow blog list. Thanks.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Way to reset wordpress admin password if you can not log in

Most of the people use wordpress website for blogging. The owners of wordpress blog very often fall into danger with two things. One is to change the username of wordpress admin. Another is lost password and forget email that used to log in. My today’s post is for them who fall in these problems with wordpress. You have to follow some easy steps to change or reset your wordpress admin username & password.

1)       At first, please log in into your cPanel.
cPanel login
cPanel login
2)       Search for phpmyadmin and open.
3)      Select your database from the left side panel. If you can not remember the name of database, you can get your database name from the file manager of cPanel. Then edit the file wp-config.php and get a database name.
Database List
Database List
4)       Now select wp_users table from left side.
Table List
Table List
5)       Now, you can see the box of username & password. Click Edit button to change or reset username & password.
6)       Please enter a new username into user_login and a new password into user_pass box. To enter a new password into user_pass, please select MD5 from the left side box. Otherwise it will not work.
Change username or password
Change username or password
7)       Now, save it by clicking on Go button.

Thats all. Now you can log in into your wordpress admin with new username & password.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

20 Tips to blog successfully for new bloggers

Most of us know perfectly how to make a blog by using blogspot or wordpress. But for new bloggers, it is hard to blog. Today here I am giving some tips for new bloggers.
Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips

1)      Copied Post: Don’t copy the post of others. What you can write, that is perfect.
2)      Own Content: One own written content is much better that thousand copied content.
3)      Niche Blogging: Blog on only one subject or niche. It will increase your blog’s acceptableness.
4)      Content & Designing: Don’t waste more time on designing, try to make your content powerful.
5)      Widgets Uses: Don’t make your site slow by using extra widgets.
6)      Understandable post: Try to make your post easy to readers that they can understand your post at a first sight.
7)      Adsense: Don’t try adsense today if you started to blog yesterday.
8)      Blog Language: If you want to blog professionally, then use English as your blogging language.
9)      Unknown Niche: Don’t blog those things which you don’t know perfectly.
10)  Regularity: Try to post regularly.
11)  Article length: Post a big article instead of too many small articles.
12)  Tittle: Use a beautiful tittle that can give a concept about your post.
13)  Colors: Don’t use bright color in your writing. It will annoy your readers.
14)  Writing Style: Present your writing in a good way. Write article with paragraphs.
15)  Writing topic: If you want to direct any thing, then write like topics.
16)  Judge yourself: Don’t judge yourself as a blogger, judge yourself like a visitor.
17)  Visitors fact: Try to make your visitors happy.
18)  Comment Policy: As early as possible, give the answers of readers comment. It makes visitors happier and they return to your blog again.
19)  Behavior: Don’t misbehave with your visitors.
20)  Post Length: Don’t make your post lengthy by using same thing.
That’s all. There were a lot things to tell but at this moment it is very difficult to remember them. If you feel any problem, then I am here. Today, good-bye here.

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to change the template of blogger/blogspot blog? is a popular platform for blogging. It has given all the opportunities to its user to make a website and how to customize it properly. Most of us can easily install the built-in templates of blogger/blogspot blog. But very few of us know how to install a new customize template in blogger/blogspot blog. Now, we will see both of the way to install templates. One is built-in template and the other is customized template.

Built-in Template:

There are a lot of built-in templates available in blogspot. You can choose anyone from there for your blog. Now, see how?

1)     To install template, at first go to the “Dashboard” of your blog.
2)     Go to “Template” Menu.
3)     Now you can see many templates. Click on the template you like.
Blogger Templates
Blogger Templates
4)     Now, you can see the preview of template.
Preview of Template
Preview of Template
5)     If you like it, click on “Apply to Blog”.
6)     Now, see you blog.

Customize Template:

Some templates of blogspot can not be like by us. That’s why we can use customize template. There are a lot of customize templates available in Internet. You can also download templates from here. If you search Google, you will find a huge list of template downloading websites. Now, see, how to install customize template.

1)     At first search Google and download a beautiful template.
2)     To install template in blog, please go the the “Dashboard” of your blog.
3)     Go to “Template” Menu.
Blogger Template Menu
Blogger Template Menu
4)     Click on “Backup/Restore” button to save your previous template.
Edit you Template
Edit you Template
5)     Click on “Browse” and select the .XML file of your downloaded template.
6)     Now, click on “Upload”
7)     You template will be installed within a few seconds.

You can easily change your template by doing this. Hope, all of you enjoyed my post. If you are a beneficiary, then I am successful. If any problem, let me be known by commenting. No more to day.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Email Marketing - One of the finest ways to outsource 2013

There are very few people, who have not heard the phrase "email marketing". Email Marketing is one of the popular ways to earn money. Minimum $1000 earning is possible by email marketing via freelancing. But you have to know how to do email marketing or how can we earn by it?
Email marketing
Email Marketing

Affiliate marketing and email marketing is the common job in freelancing marketplace and their demands are increasing day by day. Just only created an account and started to bid, we will not get job. It is bad to think about that. At first you have to decide how you will work and what will be your subject. If you want to start email marketing, you definitely have to think about these issues.
You can earn $20-100 by designing email template only. It is possible by doing only one design. If you are a creative designer, if you can satisfy your buyer by giving new designs, new layouts, new thoughts then you need not to be worried about work. Because one template, buyer will not send again and again. Many of us send weekly newsletters to our clients within 15 or 30 days. Most of the eCommerce sites offer many things often. Then now think how many designs can be with this subject. I am talking just about only one company. Ig you work on 5 email template designing jobs in a month, now think about your income.
Email Template Design
Email Template Design
Another work is sending emails. You can send emails to daily to a particular number of clients or thousands. If you to aware about email server, softwares if you want to work with it. So, why are you getting late? Prepare yourself for email marketing and build it career in outsourcing platforms.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Web browsers review: Which browsers will you use

Internet is the only way to keep contact with the world. But it is very hard to believe that most of the people are using only two browsers for the last two decades. But, the better and faster browsers are coming; people are changing their habits and started to use different browsers.

Browsers Comparison
Browsers Comparison
One of my friends told me that his browser is not working properly and asked for help. That's why I am doing this post. I made this post depending on various features that include discussions about them; total downloads number, feature set, security, and speed, using ability, help and support.

Web Browsers Comparison
Web Browsers Comparison
If you want to know every browsers review please go here. Here I am giving you a list of some web browsers. You can learn which browser is best and secure for you. I am giving you the direct download link of every browser.

4. Opera

5. Safari