Saturday, March 9, 2013

20 Tips to blog successfully for new bloggers

Most of us know perfectly how to make a blog by using blogspot or wordpress. But for new bloggers, it is hard to blog. Today here I am giving some tips for new bloggers.
Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips

1)      Copied Post: Don’t copy the post of others. What you can write, that is perfect.
2)      Own Content: One own written content is much better that thousand copied content.
3)      Niche Blogging: Blog on only one subject or niche. It will increase your blog’s acceptableness.
4)      Content & Designing: Don’t waste more time on designing, try to make your content powerful.
5)      Widgets Uses: Don’t make your site slow by using extra widgets.
6)      Understandable post: Try to make your post easy to readers that they can understand your post at a first sight.
7)      Adsense: Don’t try adsense today if you started to blog yesterday.
8)      Blog Language: If you want to blog professionally, then use English as your blogging language.
9)      Unknown Niche: Don’t blog those things which you don’t know perfectly.
10)  Regularity: Try to post regularly.
11)  Article length: Post a big article instead of too many small articles.
12)  Tittle: Use a beautiful tittle that can give a concept about your post.
13)  Colors: Don’t use bright color in your writing. It will annoy your readers.
14)  Writing Style: Present your writing in a good way. Write article with paragraphs.
15)  Writing topic: If you want to direct any thing, then write like topics.
16)  Judge yourself: Don’t judge yourself as a blogger, judge yourself like a visitor.
17)  Visitors fact: Try to make your visitors happy.
18)  Comment Policy: As early as possible, give the answers of readers comment. It makes visitors happier and they return to your blog again.
19)  Behavior: Don’t misbehave with your visitors.
20)  Post Length: Don’t make your post lengthy by using same thing.
That’s all. There were a lot things to tell but at this moment it is very difficult to remember them. If you feel any problem, then I am here. Today, good-bye here.


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