Sunday, March 17, 2013

You are welcome to the world of Magento tutorial

Magento Tutorial
Magento Tutorial
I am starting today’s post with best wishes. Here, I am starting a Magento CMS tutorial. It will be a 13 parts tutorial. From this, all of you will have a good idea about Magento. I think it is the first Magento full tutorial in Bangladesh. You can find it in both English and Bengali language. I will discuss here the things about Magento are described below:

1)      Introduction of Magento
2)      “Frontend” introduction of Magento
3)      “Backend” introduction of Magento
4)      Beginning of Magento
5)      How to make a catalog
6)      Ready to sell
7)      Design and content
8)      Promotions
9)      Controlling of orders and clients
10)  Controlling of contents given by clients
11)  Web-store development and review
12)  Keep store healthy
13)  For help
Magento CMS
Magento CMS
This is the list of Magento tutorial. Hope, I can finish it with all of you.