Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Web browsers review: Which browsers will you use

Internet is the only way to keep contact with the world. But it is very hard to believe that most of the people are using only two browsers for the last two decades. But, the better and faster browsers are coming; people are changing their habits and started to use different browsers.

Browsers Comparison
Browsers Comparison
One of my friends told me that his browser is not working properly and asked for help. That's why I am doing this post. I made this post depending on various features that include discussions about them; total downloads number, feature set, security, and speed, using ability, help and support.

Web Browsers Comparison
Web Browsers Comparison
If you want to know every browsers review please go here. Here I am giving you a list of some web browsers. You can learn which browser is best and secure for you. I am giving you the direct download link of every browser.

4. Opera

5. Safari


  1. Definitely Google Chrome is the leader now and taking the position of Firefox or Explorer. But Google stores some information using Chrome.

    But if you would like to continue with Chrome and prevent Google to prevent collecting your information then you can use Iron. SRWare Iron will give you the same flavor as chrome!

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    1. Yes, I agree with you. Undoubtedly Google Chrome is the best according to my experience. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Yes i am also agree with google chrome because in my experience i was used firefox and IE. After i got some distractions i will change it to chrome. its a good one. Thanks...

  3. Thanks for sharing the above list ! Quite Useful and Informative !