Monday, March 4, 2013

How to change the template of blogger/blogspot blog? is a popular platform for blogging. It has given all the opportunities to its user to make a website and how to customize it properly. Most of us can easily install the built-in templates of blogger/blogspot blog. But very few of us know how to install a new customize template in blogger/blogspot blog. Now, we will see both of the way to install templates. One is built-in template and the other is customized template.

Built-in Template:

There are a lot of built-in templates available in blogspot. You can choose anyone from there for your blog. Now, see how?

1)     To install template, at first go to the “Dashboard” of your blog.
2)     Go to “Template” Menu.
3)     Now you can see many templates. Click on the template you like.
Blogger Templates
Blogger Templates
4)     Now, you can see the preview of template.
Preview of Template
Preview of Template
5)     If you like it, click on “Apply to Blog”.
6)     Now, see you blog.

Customize Template:

Some templates of blogspot can not be like by us. That’s why we can use customize template. There are a lot of customize templates available in Internet. You can also download templates from here. If you search Google, you will find a huge list of template downloading websites. Now, see, how to install customize template.

1)     At first search Google and download a beautiful template.
2)     To install template in blog, please go the the “Dashboard” of your blog.
3)     Go to “Template” Menu.
Blogger Template Menu
Blogger Template Menu
4)     Click on “Backup/Restore” button to save your previous template.
Edit you Template
Edit you Template
5)     Click on “Browse” and select the .XML file of your downloaded template.
6)     Now, click on “Upload”
7)     You template will be installed within a few seconds.

You can easily change your template by doing this. Hope, all of you enjoyed my post. If you are a beneficiary, then I am successful. If any problem, let me be known by commenting. No more to day.